Maintenance Clip

Our Maintenance Clip package is ideal for all dog owners who want to keep their dogs healthy and happy. As well as all the Standard Bath inclusions, the Maintenance Clip tidies up the sanitary areas (rear, armpits and pads) with a hygiene clipper blade. 

For dogs who are prone to matting, we recommend the Full Groom option, with a Partial Groom or Maintenance Clip between appointments to keep furbabies looking their best. 


  • Wash with shampoo and conditioner in the hydrobath
  • Anal glands checked and expelled if needed
  • Ears and eyes cleaned
  • Towel dry and blow dry
  • Nails clipped
  • Brush out and furmination (which should remove up to 85% of excess fur)
  • Sanitary areas clipped (rear, armpits and pads)

Other services available

Nail clips alone are available for $10. No appointment necessary.

Dog grooming maintenance clip

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Prices for our services vary based on the breed and size of you dog. Please contact us on 4960 0336, by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us using the form below. 



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