At Little Pistol we treat dogs as treasured individuals, not as numbers. To achieve this we limit the bookings we accept, but place no limit on the breed, age or health of the dog.

The reason we're able to work this way is because of the compassionate, patient and highly-skilled nature of our staff. Our dog groomers take the proper time to put the animal's interests first, making sure each one is comfortable and well looked after throughout the whole grooming process.

Little Pistol staff JessJESS

What experience do you have working with dogs?
I've had the privilege of being trained by some of Australia's best groomers. Altogether I have just over two years' experience in canine grooming, I have basic animal first aid knowledge and have also had small roles in canine training.

What do you most enjoy about working at Little Pistol?
I adore the fact that dogs are everything to us. To us, they're not just a pet but they're our family and furbabies! Little Pistol's ethics, as with their mission statement "Humanity before Vanity" proves to me that we are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure every pooch is above all else - happy and healthy.

What is your fondest memory of your first dog?
Definitely the fact that I never felt alone and always received loads of cuddles from my beloved cocker spaniel, Red. Where I was, Red was always beside me playing, protecting and unconditionally loving me. I believe no other animal on earth loves so unconditionally and as purely as dogs do!

Do you have any tips for dog owners
After a groom I usually give little tips for the parents to make it easier to maintain their furbaby's health, coat, etc. For example: for tear stains - after a groom "just a baby wipe a day can help keep the stains away"; or for pooches who tend to mat up a lot "just a quick brush of the face, ears and tail a day can help keep those mats away". Another common one we have is really long nails and the quicks have grown out; we recommend you walk your pooch on concrete or the road (providing its not too hot for their pads in summer) for 20-30mins each day and they will wear down naturally and the quicks will retract over time.

Little Pistols staff CaraCARA

What experience do you have working with dogs?
I've completed a TVET course for Animal Care and then completed Animal Studies Certificate 3 after finishing my schooling. I began my career as a dog bather five years ago and have been grooming for four years.

What do you most enjoy about working at Little Pistol?
It's important for an animal lover to work for a business that they believe in. Little Pistol has exemplary ethics and treat dogs with compassion and understanding. All dogs are welcome and all dogs are treated with respect, and that is everything to me.

What is your fondest memory of your first dog?
When I picked my baby Chinese Crested (now six years old) up from the airport, she jumped out into her new life and my heart. It was love at first sight!

Do you have any tips for dog owners?
If you have a long-coated dog who goes to the beach regularly and you wash them at home, use conditioner instead of shampoo to prevent any knots or mats from getting worse. Also making an effort to frequently touch and play with your dog's feet and toes if they hate having their nails clipped: this can help us and them a lot!